Go with the flow!

Don't really

Oh boy

Like the water he is
So pure yet so complex
So still yet so deep
Deep enough to drown you
Soft enough to save you
You can’t hold him
Free spirited and so fearless
Because obstacles never stopped him
He always finds a way in
The stranger he saw, he recognized
Walked into her heart
Like he always belonged there


The lion cub- as I call him

She’s is a beautiful soul
She’s is the best girl I’ve ever seen
She has become my best friend
She loves me so much
Her love is unconditional
As pure as a mother’s love
She loves me
When I make her happy
She loves me more
When I get frustrated/irritated
She loves me even more
Even if I never asked for it
She loves me more and more
Just for being myself
She has become a part of me
She is me

-The Lion cub



Soap bubbles. Lots of them.. big, small and tiny and many. She’s enjoying each and every one of them, getting amused at how the thin film’s turning into a full sphere and gazing at it in amaze. Somehow, before it’s getting faded she’s already delighted by the new bubble. And then another one, with a spark in her eyes filled with astonishment, this time a big one. She totally forgot the pain caused by the soap sprinkle in her eye. Wish life’s as simple as that. Just a string of happy, delightful bubbles where I don’t care about saddest part where it looks broken, fades away and just wait for the next one in awe.

Loving you is like a habit

They say you make it a habit by doing a thing regularly for 3 weeks. So what now? If it’s something other than thinking about you, I would do that like 1 hour a day? or 2 hours? or maybe 3 hours… still it’s just a habit! But thinking of you never leaves my day, every hour, every minute, every time I breathe in. So It didn’t take me anymore than a day to fall in love with you… deep. It became my intense habit which I couldn’t think how to get rid of. Coz I know you’re already gone. But my heart, where the memories are still fresh doesn’t know.Was it my mistake to have accidentally met you? or Was it your mistake to have mastered the art of ignoring me while keeping me as close to you as you can.

Louder than Silence

If only you could hear my silence

If only you could see me through darkness

I would then get the world at your feet

I’ll take the responsibility

Of realizing your wildest dreams

Wish all this is a dream

And when I wake up to you holding my hand



Lovers to friends

It’s called understanding that you can be in love with someone but are incompatible so you call it a day and keep that person you cherish for your life. You still have love but changed from lover to friendship

Karma is a bitch

See in this instant world everything you do comes back like a boomerang. You need not wait for some other life. Specially the pain. It will return to you with n-fold intensity. It also teaches you the best.

Fear of rejection #1

I’ll miss you

I want to hug you

Say I love you

You please don’t reply

‘Coz I want to stay in that small bubble of hope

Where you can’t reject me


I messed up myself

He just thinks I’m his friend

He just thinks I’m his friend

But I don’t

He doesn’t know that

I tell him about the little baby girl crying

He says I scared that girl and smiles

That smile, I call it bewitching

I swallow my words

My lips smile, my eyes can’t

He doesn’t notice

So I stay safe and relieved, hoping

Someday the pieces will fall into place

I wait for that tomorrow when the broken pieces don’t hurt

Till that today when I tell him what he was to me

For, that moment has come

Everything seems tumbled and chaotic

A beginning started from the end

I settle down to the bottomless ocean

Where I hope his “friendship” sways me



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