In the phenomenal food chain or the eco-system, many say “nature has complex ways of nurturing it’s creatures, truly”. Is it? May be it is Partially

How could that be true Partially?

‘Coz itsn’t true partially.

If a part of it is complex isn’t the total thing complex? -Yes.

But I learnt a simple logic the nature follows

All the other moving living creatures ( Chara in Sanskrit) have thinking capacity to some level. And at their own level they achieved a complete clarity of their living. They have a simple question to answer on seeing anything- What is it that they only possibly bother about! Like, when deer, lion or even a butterfly sees another creature.(here when I say a creature anything that is created living or non-living).

1. Is it a food can I eat?

2. Is it a predator should I protect myself?

3. Is it opposite gender eligible to mate?

4. Is it going to grab my food do I defend?

If it otherwise then they don’t give a damn

how simple is that?

We humans are the one gifted with so called “imagination” immensely and infinitely and there no 

QA (Quality Assurance) or QC (Quality Control) manual to it 😛 So it can be said either way

Free to go unpredictable things ahead!!

Be watchful nothing can be predicted!!!