Go with the flow!

Don't really

I go crazy when I miss him :/

Something’s is missing

May be it is his presence again

May be he’s coming into my thoughts quite often

May be he’s hating me a lot more often

May be he is gesturing that I need him

The word he said is still there or

May be it ended at that moment forever

Still something holds me back

I can wait and wait like I waited all these years

I live in that one moment to tell that this moment still yours


#2 just teen things

Surprisingly there were 4 of my classmates(girls) in his home. One of them whispered in my ear as soon as I entered that he already knew I was gonna come and visit him and he was infact waiting.  He was in his bedroom woke up ‘coz  I came, called all of us to the room. It was cold, he called me to his side and held me close (I was standing by the cot) with his hand and he was sitting leaning back to the pillow. His hands were moving on my back and very slightly pressing it, he was talking something to my friends there. I couldn’t hear anything or see anything as I could only feel or see only two things in the world, his face and that electrified touch for which my heart skipped a beat. I felt like I knew him from long time and there is some connection between us. Even in that cool air I started feeling sultry and was actually sweating. This is when I realized that was the first time a guy touched me, don’t know whether he knew all this happening to me. After this he asked others to leave the room. Now only me and him, I  came into my senses and realized I should tell him what’s happening to me with the slightest touch of him, so gathered all the gut and told him what I was feeling about him and that I like him.

#1 just teen things

It was my first  teen-y big mandatory first crush when I was 16. I still don’t know whether it  was a ‘crush’ because now me being 21 passing I still miss him everyday. So my Mechanics lecturer was my first crush…please don’t judge me 😦  He’s just a fair guy in his mid 40s and had a really attractive smile. He’s the most lauded, demanded, fearful lecturer in the whole college. But I had this strong attraction towards him . Inspite of all this I never even tired to talk to him or communicate with him in anyway.

One day I came to know he’s this guy who founded an NGO and is kind of famous in the city and the busiest person in the college. I had this false shyness or hesitation to approach a teacher to ask for anything I donno to the teachers ‘coz I was one of the college toppers. One day I had to go to this big crush’s room to clarify a thing which he was teaching in the class and I was surprised to hear my name from his mouth without any introduction and just fell in love with the way he answered with that lovely smile intentionally or unintentionally patting my back.

Destiny never stopped tricking me when my dad himself dropped me at his place when we came to his place and it was too hot outside but dad had some work in the city. This was when the crush thing shooted up rapidly. He was sleeping in his bedroom, it was really cold and I went to wake him up. At his place that day there was a rapid change in things, rush of feelings and some exchange of love ❤

Is that clear?

In the phenomenal food chain or the eco-system, many say “nature has complex ways of nurturing it’s creatures, truly”. Is it? May be it is Partially

How could that be true Partially?

‘Coz itsn’t true partially.

If a part of it is complex isn’t the total thing complex? -Yes.

But I learnt a simple logic the nature follows

All the other moving living creatures ( Chara in Sanskrit) have thinking capacity to some level. And at their own level they achieved a complete clarity of their living. They have a simple question to answer on seeing anything- What is it that they only possibly bother about! Like, when deer, lion or even a butterfly sees another creature.(here when I say a creature anything that is created living or non-living).

1. Is it a food can I eat?

2. Is it a predator should I protect myself?

3. Is it opposite gender eligible to mate?

4. Is it going to grab my food do I defend?

If it otherwise then they don’t give a damn

how simple is that?

We humans are the one gifted with so called “imagination” immensely and infinitely and there no 

QA (Quality Assurance) or QC (Quality Control) manual to it 😛 So it can be said either way

Free to go unpredictable things ahead!!

Be watchful nothing can be predicted!!!

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